From a producer’s point of view, there’s usually a particular reason why a certain group is formed with the members that it consists of.

Big Hit Entertainment producer Bang SiHyuk’s interview with TIME magazine revealed quite a bit of insight in to his reasons for selecting each group member.

As many ARMY are already aware, BTS started with the group’s leader RM being signed to Big Hit Entertainment. One of the agency’s producer P Dogg, showed Bang a mixtape made by RM. Bang was instantly impressed upon hearing RM’s mixtape and signed him right away.

But there was also a debate inside him as he pondered whether to create a hip-hop group or an idol group. Of course, we all know he ultimately decided on producing the latter, and according to the man himself, he opted to created an idol group rather than a hip-hop group for reasons related to ensuring profits.

He stated:

“I had considered putting together a hip-hop crew, not an idol group,” Bang Si Hyuk said. “But when I considered the business context, I thought a K-pop idol model made more sense.”

This did however set things back temporarily as many associates who were potential BTS members at the time left the agency as they were pursuing careers as rappers and not idols. RM, Suga, and J-Hope were the ones who stayed behind, believing in not just their own career choice but also Bang SiHyuk’s business plan and leadership.

According to Bang SiHyuk, the rest of the BTS members V, JungKook, JiMin, and Jin were recruited to give BTS more of an idol image.

Bang SiHyuk’s research in to the South Korean music market had shown him that it was highly unlikely for a hip-hop group to generate enough revenue for a company in comparison to an idol group. In a sense, BTS was created purely out of necessity to meet financial goals. Bang stated:

“At the time that I started my company, physical album sales were abruptly going down and digital sales were not coming up to compensate. But K-Pop idol groups had an advantage, in that they had many opportunities to diversify revenue streams and their fans were extremely passionate, allowing concerts to compensate for the dropped album sales.”

You can check out the full interview here.


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