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CIX‘s Bae Jinyoung and Park Jihoon‘s paths have crossed once again for I’m MeMe‘s shared fansign, and Wannables are freaking out.

bae jinyoung park jihoon

The two boys appeared on the second season of Mnet‘s Produce 101 together and ended up debuting in the winning group, Wanna One, in 2017. Sadly, the group disbanded in January of 2019, and people have been missing the members together since. So you can imagine how shocked the fans were when photos and videos of the two at the shared fansign started circulating.

bae jinyoung park jihoon1

The two were seen closer than ever. Despite having seperate tables, the boys would consistently get up and whisper into each other’s ears. Though fans have no idea what it is they spoke about, they are reassured that their friendship is still thriving. It’s as if nothing has changed.

bae jinyoung park jihoon2

Fans have dubbed the pair’s relationship as “WinkDeep” during their time in a group, and it’s been a while since fans were able to see them together again. It seems as if this week has been a treat for Wannables, as former members Daehwi, Sungwoon, Jaehwan, and Jihoon all participated in one team for ISAC 2020’s PUBG round.

bae jinyoung park jihoon3

Fans are loving how adorable the two are together, and Wannables are hoping that the other past members get to reunite soon. Check out another cute interaction between the two here!

bae jinyoung park jihoon4

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