B1A4’s Sandeul Talks About Solo And Group Future Plans + Hints At Duet With Gongchan

B1A4’s Sandeul has shared his plans for the future!

Sandeul recently participated in an interview with Star News, during which the singer talked about plans for future B1A4 and solo promotions.

When asked about what he sees himself doing in his 30s, Sandeul answered, “When I’m in my 30s, I would want to have become a singer who the public recognize just by hearing my voice.” He continued, “If I consider my 20s to be all about experiencing as many things as possible, in my 30s, I would want all of those experiences to come together as one. And I want that to represent me. Anyhow, I will still be singing in my 30s.”

Sandeul also answered a question about when the B1A4 members will get together to release another album. The singer said, “When all three of us finally get together, we will have to definitely and passionately promote. We were preparing to release a studio album, but CNU ended up enlisting in the military. He probably has about eight to nine songs written already. If we add a few more tracks to that, a studio album will come out right away.”

The interviewer also asked about his solo promotions. Sandeul stated, “The fastest way will probably be through variety show appearances. The next goal I have in my mind is a duet with Gongchan. We are preparing many things to make the duo come true. I wrote two songs while I was at a song camp in Berlin. I already included one of them in my solo album, but I saved the other one so I could sing it with Gongchan.”

Sandeul concluded the interview by sharing a few words to his fans. The B1A4 member said, “I’ve always done my best to keep my promises. There must be many of you who are waiting for B1A4 promotions. We are currently trying to make that happen, so please look forward to it! We would be thankful if you show us a lot of support once the album is out and listen to it.”

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