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The hottest BTS collector’s items on the market have just been sold to the highest bidder!


In December 2019, a set of BTS‘s retired microphones were put up for auction through Julien’s Auctions. Each autographed mic was used by BTS from 2017 to 2019, including during their Love Yourself world tours.

bts autographed mics

The auction for BTS’s microphones, which began in December 2019, started with an opening bid of $5000 that climbed to nearly $50,000 a week before the auction closed.


Less than two hours before bidding ended, the highest bid was $60,000, but the auction’s high rollers weren’t throwing in the towel yet!



One hour, seventeen minutes, and forty-eight seconds later, BTS’s mics sold for $83,200!


The funds raised will be donated to the Recording Academy’s MusiCares charity in the United States. MusiCares has provided more than $60 million in health, financial, and rehabilitation resources to music people in times of need.


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