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It’s no secret that ATEEZ‘s San works incredibly hard on keeping his body in fantastic shape. Through the last couple of years, he has given fans glimpses of his toned abs, broad shoulders, and impressive back in crop tops, backless shirts, and other outfits that fans praise his stylists for.

San (ATEEZ) | KQ Entertainment

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Even when he’s fully clothed, it’s impossible for San to hide his incredible proportions!

| @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Recently, however, the K-Pop idol treated fans to an unexpected look at his bare upper torso. While in Thailand for 2023 KCON Thailand, he shared a surprise video of himself in a swimming pool that showed off just how impressive his shoulders and chest look.

Unsurprisingly, fans had a lot of very strong reactions to the video, which we can definitely relate to.

It turns out that it was fellow ATEEZ member Seonghwa that took the video. He went live earlier today to engage with ATINYs, and said that he’d gone to the pool with San and Yunho.

He also said that if he had a body like San’s, he would just walk around shirtless all the time! And honestly, same.

We hope that all of ATEEZ’s members have a great time in Thailand for KCON, and that they have safe travels back home!



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