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Hwang Ui Jo, a prominent South Korean soccer player and ex-boyfriend of T-ara Hyomin, was eventually arrested for his involvement in a previous sex video scandal. Yet, Hwang Ui Jo keeps denying that he did not secretly film his former girlfriend. So, what happened to Hwang Ui Jo, and what did he say about the alleged illegal sex tape filming? Find out more in the following complete report.

Following his grand entrance to the Kpop entertainment industry as Dispatch’s 2022 New Year Couple and the boyfriend of T-ara vocalist Hyomin, South Korea’s star soccer player Hwang Ui Jo now faces a severe scandal involving an illegal sex tape.

Previously, after breaking up with T-ara Hyomin, Hwang Ui Jo’s name took a massive plunge. Some time after their breakup, Hwang Ui Jo suddenly made headlines due to an unexpected sex video scandal involving another ex-girlfriend. Therefore, when T-ara Hyomin posted some cryptic messages on Instagram, the public believed it implied some issues in her relationship with Hwang Ui Jo.

Today, the abovementioned sex video scandal involving his ex-girlfriend has eventually got Hwang Ui Jo arrested.

On November 20, the Seoul Metropolitan Police revealed they had booked and arrested the star soccer player. According to the police, the Cyber Investigation Bureau had officially summoned Hwang Ui Jo for questioning on Saturday last weekend.

“Hwang Ui Jo’s status has changed from a complainant to a suspect.

On the 18th, he attended a questioning for charges related to illegal filming. This development came not from a specific complaint or accusation but from findings during the investigation that suggested illegal filming.

At the moment, Mr. Hwang is denying these allegations.”

Seoul Metropolitan Police.

Star soccer player and former boyfriend of T-ara Hyomin, Hwang Ui Jo. | Twitter
Star soccer player and former boyfriend of T-ara Hyomin, Hwang Ui Jo. | Twitter

Hwang Ui Jo Denied All Scandal: He Filmed the Sex Video with Consent from Former Girlfriend

Responding to the arrest report, Hyomin’s former boyfriend, Hwang Ui Jo, immediately denied all allegations regarding the sex video scandal.

Immediately after the news hit the internet and social media, the star soccer player made an official statement through his law firm.

According to the statement, Hwang Ui Jo did not film the sex video secretly. Instead, the video was taken with the consent of both parties: Hwang Ui Jo and his former girlfriend.

The law firm also explained that Hwang Ui Jo did not circulate the video. Instead, he kept the video privately on his phone. Unfortunately, the national soccer star lost his phone in Greece in November 2022. Since then, he had been receiving threats involving the contents of his phone.  

That is why the illegal filming allegation against Hwang Ui Jo was not true, and the star soccer player remains a victim of this sex video scandal.

“Hwang Ui Jo and his ex-girlfriend had agreed to film the videos before they were leaked.

Since May 7, 2023, Hwang has faced constant blackmail. The blackmailer, who might not be the same person spreading the videos and demanding money, illegally shared these videos of Hwang and his ex-girlfriend.

The videos featured Hwang’s ex-girlfriend. They filmed the video with consent from both parties at the time.

Hwang himself doesn’t have these videos now and didn’t leak them. Instead, he kept them private on his personal phone, which he lost in Greece in November 2022. We presumed that someone intentionally stole the phone.

The blackmailer has used not only the videos but also Hwang’s private messages to threaten him. Their intentions are clear: to harm Hwang Ui Jo. Throughout this ordeal, it’s important to remember that Hwang has been a victim from the start.”

Hwang Ui Jo’s legal representative.

 The Plunging Reputation of South Korea’s Star Athlete After His Breakup with Hyomin

Finally, following his entrance to the entertainment industry after dating and breaking up with T-ara Hyomin, Hwang Ui Jo’s reputation has been constantly plunging.

In terms of professional achievement in the global sports industry, Hwang Ui Jo remains a star player. And this is especially after he scored impressive goals at the World Cup preliminaries on November 16, 2023.

However, Hwang Ui Jo has continuously faced criticism in terms of personal life due to the sex video scandal involving his former girlfriend.

In regard to the situation, Hwang Ui Jo expressed his apology to his former girlfriend. Also, he promised to cooperate with the investigation.

“I am deeply saddened by this situation. I promise to fully cooperate with the investigating authorities going forward. Also, I will make every effort to uncover the truth.”

Hwang Ui Jo.

As for the blackmail case, the police stated that they had issued a warrant against the blackmailer. The police also believed that the blackmailer was the same person who spread Hwang Ui Jo’s private sex video, triggering a massive scandal.

“We issued a warrant on November 16. It is our belief that the individual who threatened Hwang Ui Jo and the one who distributed the video are the same person.”

Seoul Metropolitan Police.

So, what do you think about Hwang Ui Jo’s plunging reputation after his relationship with Hyomin ended? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: MT, JTBC, JoongAng Daily.

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