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On January 18, BTS arrived at Incheon Airport to catch a flight to Los Angeles, California. Dressed in simple clothing and wearing face masks, except for Jin, they were lowkey as they could get.

Since they’ll soon be appearing on a special live iHeartRadio event and The Late Late Show With James Corden, they’ll most likely be taking some time before those events for themselves. Because of this, fans took to Twitter to wish them the best.


Upon discovering that BTS were preparing to board a plane, ARMYs were all thinking the same exact thing. They wished the boys a safe flight. Coincidentally, they’d all used the same phrase.


Without any prior preparation, “Have a safe flight” began trending worldwide, not only breaking the top ten but the top five. It was such a surprise that even fans themselves were shocked.

Using a clip of V laughing as hard as ever, one ARMY questioned if they were really causing that much of a commotion to trend worldwide. One thing’s for sure, though.

ARMYs just want BTS to be safe and healthy. Here’s to many safe flights for the boys.

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