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Apink‘s Naeun has recently been guesting on Gamsung Camping, a show that gathers 5 female stars that go on short camping trips. Through the trips, they heal and talk about life.

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Currently, Park Na Rae, Park So Dam, MAMAMOO‘s Solar, Naeun and Ahn Young Mi are the fixed guests on the show.

Naeun has been getting attention for her beautiful appearance on the show, although she’s only seen with minimal makeup.

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In particular, she has been praised for this outfit of her in a green cardigan. Netizens say it perfectly encapsulates her trademark brand of delicate femininity, innocence and a touch of maturity.

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Her teary eyes and hair-sweeping movement is described as heart-fluttering.

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The show not only shows off her natural beauty, but also her fun-loving side with her bright smile.

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Camping with Naeun is sure to be a blast.

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Netizens have been praising what they call her uncommon, unique vibe.

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  • “Personally, out of all female idols, she’s the prettiest.”
  • “She’s f*cking pretty in terms of looks but she also has this unique aura. She’s the top.”
  • “Looks are looks but her personality is so subtle and delicate, kind of like a tree… Anyway Son Naeun’s personality is also charming. But it seems like she cries in every episode here kkkkk”
  • “Her just-woke-up face is f*cking crazy. How can her barefaced be pretty too? I love it”

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Son Naeun debuted with Apink in 2011, where she immediately made waves as a top visual. She recently starred in Dinner Mate, a drama about people who only meet up to eat dinner without knowing of each other’s details.

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