AOA’s Hyejeong And Ryu Ui Hyun Revealed To Have Broken Up – KpopHit

AOA’s Hyejeong and Ryu Ui Hyun have parted ways.

On December 23, media outlet TV Daily cited several industry sources and reported that the pair had recently ended their relationship.

AOA’s agency FNC Entertainment confirmed to Xportsnews, “Hyejeong and Ryu Ui Hyun recently broke up. We do not know the timing or reason for their breakup.”

Similarly, Ryu Ui Hyun’s agency Wayzcompany shared, “We heard that Hyejeong and Ryu Ui Hyun broke up recently. We do not know the reason behind their breakup as that’s a personal matter, but they have decided to continue supporting each other.”

In April, Hyejeong and Ryu Ui Hyun were revealed to have been dating since December 2018 after meeting on the set of a web drama.

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