AleXa To Make Her Debut With 'Bomb' Through Billboard

ZANYBROS will be debuting their first ever artist, AleXa on Oct. 21!

Previously, the news of AleXa debuting as a solo artist had gotten many hyped up as there were loyal fans who remember her appearance on Mnet “Produce 48”.

Her debut track is called ‘Bomb’ and one interesting fact is that it is the very first time in Korea a female artist will be releasing a powerful dance track that includes ‘Afrobeat’ as well as ‘Dancehall’ style. Fans could anticipate the head-bouncing beats as well as the Latin vibe that AleXa will be giving off in ‘Bomb’.

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AleXa Official YouTube

Adding on, AleXa will be releasing two versions of ‘Bomb’, one in Korean and one in English.

Another special point to look out for AleXa’s debut is the fact that she will be releasing her music video an hour earlier through Billboard in the U.S., Korea time 12 pm. It is uncommon to see Billboard providing special attention to a debuting rookie with the exclusive release. This shows the promising future for AleXa’s promotion and activities as an upcoming global artist.

AleXa is also set to promote ‘Bomb’ not only in Korea but also overseas too.

Make sure you also check out the shout out video that AleXa had sent to the readers of !


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