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Actress Ha Ji Won Reveals Her Secret Method To Looking Young

Actress Ha Ji Won was featured in an interview where she opened up about her own secrets and methods to maintaining her youthful look and perfect skin.

It’s been 25 years since Ha Ji Won made her grand debut into the industry, but it looks as though she hasn’t aged one bit!

Ha Ji Won back in 2004.

She gives credit to laughing a lot. She believes that the happiness she gets by laughing a lot gives her a lifting effect.

She also reveals that she eats about 3 lemons a day to help with her skin. She believes it also helps her maintain a youthful look as it gives her a lifting feel!

A personal secret may be that I eat a lot of lemons. I eat about 3 a day.

It’s sour and you [make a face] so it helps with the lifting along with laughing. [My cheeks] have no time to come down!

— Ha Ji Won

If you see the effects it has on Ha Ji Won’s beauty, it’s definitely worth a try!

Watch the full segment below:

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