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Recently, actor Song Kang collaborated with YSL Beauty’s Y LE PARFUM for a pictorial with the theme, “WHY NOT?,” for Vogue Korea. The photos were said to depict his unapologetic attitude.


Of course, the pictorial also came with an interview! To further explain the theme, Song Kang revealed, “As soon as I heard the theme, I thought of all the times I used to calm myself at auditions by telling myself, ‘Why not?’” He further confessed, “These days, when I start to worry before difficult emotional scenes, I gain confidence by thinking, ‘Why not?’ and, ‘I can do it.‘”


He then went on to discuss his upcoming projects, Love Alarm 2 and Navillera.

In Love Alarm 2, you will meet a more mature and solid Sun Oh that has grown through the emotions of love.

—Song Kang

He added that Navillera will be a unique story of growth and that it will highlight a teacher/student dynamic as well as a bromance.

The actor also appears to be in talks for the romance drama, I Know But, but has not approved or denied the offer yet.


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