A Little Girl Once Cried In Front Of The BTS Members...And They Had The Most Heartwarming Response

A fan meeting their favorite idols can be an exciting event. It could even cause some emotional reactions because of how overwhelmed the fan might be.

This is what happened to a young ARMY once she got a chance to meet BTS. The young fan was at a meet and greet that BTS was doing for PUMA. She started to get a little emotional, and Jimin was seen trying to comfort her. Jimin encouraged her to not cry and to smile.

Source: * eundaromi/YouTube

Jungkook also had a heartwarming reaction, where he was seen constantly smiling at the young fan. Jungkook also held her hand and tried to comfort her.

Source: * eundaromi/YouTube

Jin also tried to comfort the fan, but he had a more comedic approach.

Source: * eundaromi/YouTube 

Here is the full video below!

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