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As the K-pop fandom grows bigger, several K-pop idols are also trying their best to communicate with their fans in the deaf community. In fact, groups such as BTS, TWICE, SEVENTEEN, MAMAMOO, and more used sign language in their choreography, touching fans’ hearts.

Previously, BTS received favorable responses from the deaf community after showing love and support to them by using international sign language. In particular, this gesture language is commonly used by deaf who can’t learn to speak with sound.

As more people become more interested in sign language, Single List, a Korean media outlet, listed other K-pop groups who shared their music with the deaf through their dance choreography.

1. T-ara – TIAMO

Released in 2016, T-ara included sign language in their choreography. In the last line of the chorus, the female act sings, “TIAMO, our own secret password.”

Using their pinky and thumb, they expressed the words, “to the one I love,” to match the lyrics and the beautiful mood of the song.

2. B1A4 – A Lie

In 2016 as well, the second-gen K-pop group also dropped a new song titled, “A Lie.” In the whole dance choreography, they tailored three sign languages including the title.

The action of hitting the ball of your hand twice and sticking the index finger in front of the nose means “it’s a lie,” moving the hands away from the sides means “leave,” and stroking one’s chin means “happiness.”

3. BTOB – Missing You

In 2017, BTOB also became a hot topic after releasing “Missing You.” In the chorus part, BTOB sings the lyrics “I spend a year missing you.” The voices of the male idols are already touching, but it becomes more heartwarming with the sign language used in their live performance. They particularly used sign language while singing the parts “a year” “go by” and “missing.”

4. BTS – Permission to Dance (PTD)

In the latest track released by BTS, they received favorable responses from the deaf community for using international sign language. The motion of waving up and down with only the thumb outstretched means “fun,” the motion of raising the other hand in the shape of an “A” over one palm is “dance,” and the motion of making a “V” with both hands symbolizes “peace.”

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5. MAMAMOO – Starry Night

In 2018, MAMAMOO kicked off with “Starry Night.” To described the title and its lyrics, they used sign language as well, such as crossing hands and closing-opening their hands to define “sparkle.” This made the dance more meaningful.


The song that SEVENTEEN released contained significant lyrics showing how thankful they are. There is also a line where they said they can’t look for the right words to say “Thank you.” In this sense, they used sign language for saying one is grateful as part of their dance choreography.


in 2019, TWICE released their track, “FANCY.” The overall dance is engaging and fun, but the point choreography is touching.

During the chorus, the members folded their middle and ring fingers, leaving the thumb, index finger, and pinky open to express I, L, Y, a combination of English characters that symbolizes “I LOVE YOU.”

8. Weki Meki – Butterfly

“Butterfly” is specially composed of sign language throughout the choreography. It is a cheering track for the Winter Olympics, targeting paralympic games participants.

9. WEi – BTS “Spring Day” Dance Cover

In 2020, WEi just started their career but they already captured fans’ hearts with their heart-melting cover of BTS’s “Spring Day.”

On Mnet’s “M Countdown” broadcast, WEi added dance choreography that was expressed in sign language to cheer for everyone in the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown.

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Written by Eunice Dawson

Source: www.kpopstarz.com

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