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“Boyfriend photos” and “girlfriend photos” are famous among K-Pop fans. Photos qualify for these labels when K-Pop Idols look “boyfriend material” or “girlfriend material” in the picture.

If there is an award for being the best at posing for “girlfriend photos,” then BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo will easily win the award!

Here are 8 times Jisoo became everyone’s dream girlfriend because of the photos she posted!

1. Museum date!

This photo gives similar feelings of going on a museum date with Jisoo as she poses with the artwork as her background!

2. Park date!

Jisoo looks candid as she poses for this photo which makes the viewer feel like they’re on a date with her in the park as she smiles and plays around!

3. Ice cream date!

This photo sends feelings of going on an ice cream date with Jisoo where she candidly posts like she’s eating her ice cream!

4. Cafe date!

Jisoo poses while holding her coffee while looking absolutely gorgeous, giving off similar feelings of going on a coffee date with her!

5. Travel date!

Jisoo looks away from the camera which gives it a more candid feel! This photo of her makes the viewer feel like waiting to board the plane at the airport for a couple getaway!

6. Cat café date!

Jisoo looks adorable as she snuggles the cat and showers it with kisses, sending feelings of going on a cat café date with her!

7. Strolling date!

This photo makes the viewer feel like going on a walk with Jisoo on a sunny day!

8. Grocery shopping date!

Jisoo poses for the camera with oranges at the background, giving off feelings of going on a grocery shopping date with her!

Ever since Jisoo opened her personal Instagram account, she has been spoiling fans with amazing pictures of herself! She always effortlessly poses for the camera, but every photo she posts look amazing!

You can literally go on any type of date with Jisoo based on her photos from Instagram!

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