8 Girl Groups With Members Who Have Opposite Auras

Girl groups typically change concepts with each comeback, but some girls can retain the same auras. In fact, a few of the girls have completely opposite auras as their fellow members.

The following eight girl groups all have at least two members with auras that can sometimes be as different as night and day.

1. Red Velvet – Irene and Joy


Red Velvet‘s leader Irene appears to be cool and mysterious whereas Joy is known to be cheerful and lovely.

2. Red Velvet – Seulgi and Wendy


Like their clothes, Seulgi gives off a chill, relaxed vibe. In comparison, Wendy looks pure and elegant.

3. (G)I-DLE – Soojin and Yuqi

Soojin is known for her sexy performances while maknae Yuqi can’t help but exude cuteness, even on stage.

4. MAMAMOO – Hwasa and Moonbyul

Hwasa is famous for her sexy and alluring stage presence, while Moonbyul is the resident handsome and charming member.

5. Oh My Girl – Binnie and Jiho


In this picture, Oh My Girl‘s Binnie appears doll-like and innocent whereas Jiho mixes seductive and pure with each other.

6. BLACKPINK – Jennie and Jisoo

Fans love Jisoo’s cute and adorable personality and Jennie‘s sassy and charismatic aura.

7. IOI – Sejeong and Chaeyeon


Sejeong has a girl-next-door personality while Chaeyeon exudes pureness and elegance.

8. TWICE – Nayeon and Mina

Nayeon is cheerful and energetic whereas Mina is like a beautiful ice princess.

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