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7 K-Pop Songs That Would Be Perfect As Anime Openings

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Many K-Pop songs are known for their energetic vibes and rich instrumentals. Pop, Rock, or Electro, K-Pop is a genre that combines it all, giving life to unique tracks. Another style of music that can often come close to the K-Pop genre is J-Pop, and especially anime opening. Most of the time, anime that include action, sports, or suspense, have very powerful and upbeat opening songs which transport you immediately into the anime world. And thinking about it many K-Pop songs do have a similar effect when listening to them.

Groups are working hard to make their songs stand out and be unique. This is why when listening to some K-Pop songs, we can feel like we’re switching to a different universe. Because of this very impactful reaction, some K-Pop songs can give, they are a very good fit for anime openings. Some songs just seem to be building their own world with instruments and voice, but what if we added real shapes to that and turned them into anime? Let’s see those 7 K-Pop songs that would be a perfect match for anime openings.


1. ONEUS – ‘Valkyrie’ Rock Version

The concept of this song is already very anime-like with those fallen angels and starry skies, but the original version can’t quite make it as an anime opening. The rock version of ‘Valkyrie’ on the other hand is very powerful and even more mind-blowing, it takes the music to a new level. With the electric guitar solo that only enhances the sharp voices of the members ‘Valkyrie’ Rock version seems to be the perfect choice for a fantasy anime opening. The next time you watch the ‘Valkyrie’ MV, try to imagine it as an anime opening, and you’ll see the magic happen in the first few seconds.


2. ATEEZ – ‘Cyberpunk’

Just by the title of the song, we already know we’re entering another world. ATEEZ are kings when it comes to world-building, and their song ‘Cyberpunk’ would be perfect as an anime opening. The anime does not have to be happening in a cyberpunk environment, but for sure the mysterious melody of the song calls for action and a quest journey in an unknown world. And with the high notes and powerful raps, we can already feel the tension and energy this anime would hold. And since ATEEZ members were already drawn as webtoon characters, why not draw them into anime characters next time?


P1Harmony’s discography is full of powerful and energetic songs, but their latest title track would surely fit perfectly fine as an anime opening. As the song is called ‘Jump’, a sports anime would be an excellent fit, especially considering the very energetic tempo of the music that just gives a boost of energy to move your body! And with the uptempo rap parts, we could imagine a battle scene happening, keeping the viewer in tension. Plus, a few times during the song we can hear the lyrics ‘1, 2, 3, 4’ which could also be used as a countdown before the beginning of a sports game. For sure ‘Jump’ holds a lot of material to create a good sports anime opening.


4. MONSTA X – ‘Beautiful Liar’

We cannot talk about power without mentioning MONSTA X, because they’re definitely on top of that category. One of the latest group comebacks has a great potential to be an anime opening song. First of all, even the title is so well-thought-out that it could become the anime title as well. And given the title and very intense instrumental of the song, we can already portray a crime-focused anime with a criminal on the road or such an exciting storyline. As expected of MONSTA X, they know exactly what type of song stands out and can be fit for various contexts.


5. TXT – ‘Opening Sequence’

As per the title, this song is perfect for an opening sequence, so why not one for an anime? This song, despite being very harmonious, gives very dark vibes with an explosive chorus. So we can imagine that the anime behind such a unique song could tell the very dramatic evolution of the main character falling into madness, maybe? Surely that is a terrifying plot twist, but the rock tendency of this song just matches with such a big transformation and expression of the main character of the story. And of course, that would be all fictional, so no worries, for now, we’re only going crazy listening to this amazing track!


6. KINGDOM – ‘Excalibur’

With KINGDOM’s one-of-a-kind concept, we could produce an entire anime season, and honestly, all of their songs would be a fit. The reason why ‘Excalibur’ might be one of the best choices is because it is very powerful with its high-pitched chorus melody, really giving that feeling of quest and battle that the story of ‘Excalibur’ holds. Listening to the song, we see swords, majesty, and a long journey to success, and isn’t that the start of a good storyline? KINGDOM’s concept and imagination seem limitless, if it were to become an anime, it would probably become one of those never-ending adventure series.


7. Stray Kids – ‘TOPLINE’ (feat Tiger JK)

Stray Kids already got one of their Japanese songs as an anime opening, so why not a Korean song as well? Stray Kids’ music style is a perfect match for an anime opening where so many things happen at the same time, it’s hard to pay attention to everything. With their complex and powerful background music, fast raps, and harmonious vocals, Stray Kids knows the secret recipe to make a good song. For the song ‘TOPLINE’, a very impressive storyline is also needed, a simple action anime is not enough, it has to be something big, something… ‘TOPLINE’!


This list could go on and on considering all the powerful and intense music in the K-Pop industry, so here are only some of our favorite picks, but feel free to make your own K-Pop anime playlist in the future!


SOURCE: www.kpopmap.com

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