5 Vocal Performances From ITZY’s Lia That’s Bound To Capture Your Heart

5 Vocal Performances From ITZY's Lia That's Bound To Capture Your Heart

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When the group was announced, there were big expectations set forth for ITZY. However, in spite of the challenges, they were able to overcome it all and become one of the leading girl groups of their generation. They possess everything from charisma, visuals, and personality that make it difficult to not stan the JYP girl group.

All members are wildly talented and have impressed at multiple stages of their career. Most especially, ITZY’s LiA is a standout vocalist, able to hit high notes with apparent ease, making new MIDZY every step of the way. She’s not only filled with poise, but comes forth with incredible talent deserving of respect from critics and fans alike.

Now, here are some vocal performances from the idol that are sure to captivate and capture your heart.


1. Warm Collaboration With Sigrid

Through JTBC’s “K-909,” the idol participated in this wonderful collaboration with Norwegian singer-songwriter, Sigrid. It was a performance filled with warmth as their voices meshed together to create an unforgettable harmony. The vibes that they created on stage were immaculate and could be felt even through computer screens across the globe.


2. Beautiful Cover Of ‘Issues’

LiA’s voice on this groovy, mid-tempo track is nothing short of amazing. She could very well be considered a magician with the way she puts listeners underneath a spell, causing them to sway along to this cover of ‘Issues.’ Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for the replay button the moment the song ends.


3. Birthday Present To Fans

LiA receives a lot of love from MIDZY worldwide — perhaps even more on her birthday. However, the idol shows that she’s not the type to only receive, but gifts this dreamy cover for all her lovely supporters. LiA’s warm heart coupled with her soothing vocals make a perfect present for any occasion.


4. Uplifting Rendition Of ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You’

‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You’ is a classic that has withstood the test of time. It produces feelings of fond affection and nostalgia that become the perfect companion on any night. LiA’s cover might be a few years old, however, it still retains its magical touch, embedding itself right in the very center of your soul.


5. Captivating Medley On “Leemujin Service”

Through KBS’ “Leemujin Service,” LiA not only showcased her outstanding vocals but also her loveable personality. Her song choices allowed fans to see a different side to the idol, acting as evidence to her versatility as a singer. Through “Leemujin Service” LiA proved once more that she’s simply born to stand on the stage.

Which performance is your favorite? Is there one you would like to recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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