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When Red Velvet‘s Irene and ZEROBASEONE‘s Sung Hanbin came together for a TikTok collaboration, they set the screen on fire with their impeccable dance moves and striking visuals. Their recent videos performing the “Chill Kill” and “Crush” dance challenges have Korean netizens raving, proving that when it comes to K-Pop, talent paired with visual appeal knows no bounds.

Irene and Sung Hanbin in recent TikTok. | @hnbnsrng/Twitter

Irene, who debuted with Red Velvet in 2014, has long been praised for her striking visuals and impeccable dance skills. She carries the aura of seasoned artistry, her every move a testament to years of honing her craft.


On the other hand, Hanbin, though a newcomer, matches Irene’s intensity with his own brand of boy group vibrance and sharp dance moves. Despite the ten-year age gap between them — with Irene born in 1991 and Hanbin in 2001 — their visual appeal feels timeless.


In the two TikToks posted on the groups’ official accounts, Irene and Hanbin’s movements are fluid and in perfect sync, demonstrating a level of professionalism and a knack for performance that transcends their group difference. It’s a visual feast that showcases the best of what K-Pop idols are renowned for synchronized choreography and captivating presence.

Netizens have been quick to point out not just their aesthetic harmony, but the sheer magnetism that the pair exudes. Comments have flooded in, remarking on how Irene’s elegance complements Hanbin’s energetic execution. The visual dynamic between them is electric, with each frame highlighting their combined appeal.

Their dance routines are a blend of sharp precision and flowing grace. Irene’s mastery of each movement, paired with Hanbin’s fresh interpretation, creates a dance narrative that is mesmerizing to watch. The TikTok videos have become a showcase of their talent not only in executing choreography to perfection but also in their ability to draw viewers in.

For Hanbin, dancing alongside Irene on the TikTok videos was likely more than just another performance.He has openly shared his wish to cover the complex choreography of “Naughty” by Irene & Seulgi, as well as do a cover of Wendy‘s “When This Rain Stops.” This collaboration with Irene, a member of the group he’s looked up to, was a chance to get closer to the group he seems to love, making the experience especially meaningful for him.

Korean netizens, as well as international fans of both groups, have not held back their admiration. Several posts pointing out Irene and Hanbin’s visual chemistry — as they put it — have seen a surge in popularity, getting thousands of views and hundreds of comments admiring the duo.

As the online raving continues, it is clear that the pairing of these two idols has struck a chord, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their next joint appearance. Anything — from a collaboration stage between them at an awards show to a simple selfie posted on social media — would make fans and netizens more than happy. And who can blame them?

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