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Many K-pop fans seem shell-shocked by the sheer volume of bullying allegations emerging of late. It’s understandable, because even when I last remember this being a major issue, there weren’t nearly this many allegations. However, the reason is a combination of things, with the most relevant being Naver removing their popular search option, and then the earliest that I’ve seen from this being four pro volleyball players being accused and admitting to bullying (now five), and the issue has snowballed from there into the celebrity world.

For the sake of my sanity, I had resolved to not covering every story, but the process of trying to pick and choose which were significant and which were not became a chore in itself. Thus, I’ve decided to do a roundup instead, and since there’s quite frankly not a lot resolved with perhaps not a lot that will ever be completely resolved, letting everybody draw their own conclusions would probably be the repetitive default anyway.


Jo Byeong Gyu: Accused of bullying, which his company denied, and then provided an update that the accuser apologized for lying and deleted their post. He then faced another accusation and got one defender, then another accusation in English, and the company stated they were false. He then personally addressed it, saying things were false. He also was accused back in 2018, and he personally clarified it.

TOO’s Woongi: Praised for calling people out for not social distancing, then accused of bullying, and agency denies it.

(G)I-DLE’s Soojin: Accused of bullying and company denied it. Accused again of bullying, with actress Seo Shin Ae making vague posts as well, she personally denies it and says she never spoke with Seo Shin Ae. Actress then again appears to make a reference to Soojin’s denial in an Instagram Story.

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon: Vague allegations of bullying.

Kim Dong Hee: Accused of bullying and company denied it.

Kim So Hye (Former IOI): Accused by a witness of bullying, company requests police investigation following not punishing perpetrators of 2017 bullying rumors.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu: Accused of bullying, after which a schoolmate defended him, company denies it.

Park Hye Soo: Accused of bullying, with one going to the press, and company denies it. The alleged victims then released a statement as a group to the press. One of the original accusers explained that her accusation was not about Park Hye Soo.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin: Accused of bullying, schoolmate defends him, company says they are working to confirm details but state there are untrue things circulating.

The Boyz’s Sunwoo: Accused of domestic violence and bullying, company denies it.

LOONA’s Chuu: Accused of bullying, and company denies it.

Monsta X’s Kihyun: Accused of bullying in middle school. Company responded saying they are investigating, but the person making the accusation also made the one in 2015 that was found to be false.

EVERGLOW’s Aisha: Accused of being a bully, company denies.

HyunA: Accused of school violence, denied personally, and by the company.


Browsing around, I know there are others that haven’t yet migrated their way overseas, but I’ll wait for official reports. If there are any details missed, feel free to send one to the site’s e-mail.

Source: www.asianjunkie.com

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