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Is BTS‘s J-Hope some sort of royalty? From the way he keeps bowing, yes that may be so. Prince J-Hope of Sunshine Land has always been the gentlest of all gentlemen, but his royal glow is definitely the strongest whenever he bows to make his exit. Here are 10 times J-Hope looked absolutely young-and-rich, tall-and-handsome, and just noble-AF.

1. Prince J-Hope of White Tuxedos

Just look at the fancy handwork!


2. Prince J-Hope of Red Heads

Jhope 8

He even has that royal smile.


3. Prince J-Hope of Pink Shirts

How does he make it look so natural?

4. Prince J-Hope of Checkered Knits

Jhope 7

Watch and learn, this pose is perfection.


5. Prince J-Hope of Sequins

That glow is real.

6. Prince J-Hope of Sunshine Land


If this does not remind you of a ray of sunshine on a beautiful day, then what will?


7. Prince J-Hope of Bomber Jackets

He can even work in his prince-y bows mid-performance!


8. Prince J-Hope of Leather Harnesses


This leather-wrapped J-Hope gave ARMYs life.

9. Prince J-Hope of 2D Dreams

Doesn’t he actually look like a Disney prince?


10. Prince J-hope of Big Smiles


Let J-Hope’s warm glowing smile instantly brighten your day!

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