10 standard stages of CL's big sister

Debut as the leader of the group 2NE1, CL has quickly gained popularity not only because of her impressive and charismatic style, she also made fans surprised by her impressive voice and high rap ability.

CL always burns with passion for art, we can easily see that right from the debut 2NE1 until he became a solo artist. Not only collaborating with Korean artists, she also constantly challenges herself with special experiences when collaborating with international artists. During her musical journey, CL also put her name on the list of artists who own impressive Guu fashion.

With impressive fashion style, top-notch charisma and great music, CL has become a name full of personality and special that no one can replace in the Korean entertainment industry. Let's take a look at 10 moments that made fans could not help but utter the words "Big Sister" of CL!

1. Bursting with The Baddest Female stage at Inkigayo stage

CL is exploding

The lyrics are assertive with the cooler appearance CL made the whole stage explode. This is an impressive solo debut that makes many artists admire. Confidence, courage and power are the exact phrases to describe this great performance.

2. Special collaboration with Diplo in 2014 at the Style Icon Awards ceremony

CL special combination screen of CL

Still know the ability to sing "super top" of CL but she still surprised the fans when she was able to hit the high notes perfectly without the support of headphones. After performing the song MTBD CL has had an impressive combination with Diplo with the song Revolution of the guy. This combination is even better than the original, ending with the rap Dirty Vibe, CL helped us understand the reason why she became the stage queen.

3. Burned hard on MAMA Stage 2015

CL at MAMA 2015

If you have enjoyed the bursting stage of CL and 2NE1 in MAMA 2015, surely you will never forget that wonderful performance. Not only do your best with Hello Bitches, CL also made the fans unable to go crazy about 2NE1's passionate and impressive performance. Whether it's a solo stage or with the members, CL can easily master the stage and get the audience "on fire" with him.

4. Fascinating on the Tokyo Girls Collection stage.

CL at Tokyo Girls Collection

Can "burn" the stage without the assistance of the dancers, just might be CL. After heating up the atmosphere with The Badest Female, Hello Bitches and Lifted, CL has really made the performance explodei I Am The Best same stage run away. If you're wondering whether CL is that great or not, watch this explosive performance right away.

5. SBS Gayo Daejun stage 2016

CL special combination screen of CL

Being able to enjoy the combination of CL and many artists on stage is not an easy thing. With the participation of GD, BewhY and Okasian, only with their voices, she quickly made the stage explode.

6. Special appearance at GD's concert with The Leaders

The Leaders – CL and GD

CL made the fans surprised when they suddenly appeared at the concert M.O.T.T.E of the GD in Seoul 2017 with the song The Leaders. Even from CL's first rap, the atmosphere became hotter with the enthusiasm of the audience.

7. An impressive debut at the Billboard Hot 100 chart with the song Lifted

Lifted _ CL

The decision to enter the US music market was a challenge for him CL and she needs a lot of preparation to be able to put her name into this competitive music industry. To do that, CL has focused on making a name and a solo career in the country. Not surprisingly, CL's first single in the US had an impressive debut when it entered Billboara Hot 100 chart at number 94. The performance of the song Lifted her at the show The Late Late Show With James Corden has become a stepping stone to help CL achieve success here.

8. Wonderful stage at the closing ceremony of PyeongChang 2018

CL at the closing ceremony of PyeongChang 2018

If not mentioning this wonderful performance, it is a big mistake. CL burned the stage and heated up the atmosphere at the Closing Ceremony PyeongChang 2018 than ever before. With her heat, CL received enthusiastic cheers from the audience.

9. CL's short cameo in ‘Mile 22’

CL in Mile 22

Not just debuting in the US music market, CL known weightsi Hollywood when impressing with his appearance in Mile 22. Although only a short segment, CL has shown her "big sister" charisma when playing an evil agent working at a secret organization of the CIA and the character she shows is named "Queen"

10. One and Only artistic portrait

One and Only – CL

After a long wait, finally CL also returns with an impressive solo album. Each song has her own nuances, but maybe One and Only is the best song by the charming choreography and impressive lyrics, emphasizing her initiative and nothing can stop her.

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